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Dr. Patel care about her patients, the community and the world thru her dedication to green dentistry. I've been a patient now for a few years & I'm never disappointed about the care I receive. My teeth have never looked or felt better. Thank you Dr. Patel. –Anonymous

I hadn't been to the dentist in YEARS, however the Dentists at Green Dentistry helped me feel comfortable and took care of me. I enjoy the heat wrap, the calming music and overall vibe of the place. –Anonymous

The care, the professionalism, the rapport, the bedside manner - all outstanding. Highly recommended. –Anonymous

I had a previously scheduled exam and cleaning and called Dr Patel's office the day before my appointment because I have recently lost insurance coverage. I was calling to see how much it would cost for me to pay it out of pocket. I was so disheartened when I heard Wendy say it would normally be $360 that I didn't hear the rest of her sentence. I was shocked when I realized that what she had said was that it would normally be $360 but that it would be on the house because I was in between jobs and they wanted to retain me as a client! I couldn't believe it and was extremely grateful for the staff's sensitivity to my current financial state and to Dr Patel for being so generous with her practice! It really shows how much she cares about her patients! –Anonymous

My dentist for over seven years. Prior to Dr. Patel, I had seen many dentists in the Bay Area. I never felt any personal connection and always felt that I was being given bad advice. I have never felt that way with Dr. Patel and her staff. We have gone through some difficult procedures together and I have always felt I was given the best dental advice. –Anonymous


I have been Dr. Patel's patient for approximately 10 years, and have been extremely satisfied with her skill, knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Patel, and her friendly staff at Green Dentistry. –Anonymous

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360 Post St. Suite #704,
San Francisco, CA 94108 . 415.433.0119
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