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Comprehensive Dental Care for the Smile of Your Life

If you’re looking for true one-stop dentistry that includes most of the services you need under one roof, look to Green Dentistry. They offer:

  • Metal-free, mercury-free dentistry
  • Cosmetic: veneers, whitening, porcelain crowns, bonding, inlays, onlays
  • Invisalign: teeth straightening for teens & adults
  • Restorative: complex reconstruction, single-visit CEREC crown & bridges
  • Implant dentistry: complete dental implants & restorations
  • Sedation dentistry: helps you relax during treatment
  • Periodontal nonsurgical gum care
  • Laser soft-tissue & hard-tissue treatment reshapes teeth and gums
  • Periodontal gum surgery
  • Crown lengthening
  • Special treatments for patients with bulimia, celiac disease & TMJ
  • Dental sleep apnea & snoring treatments

Treatment for Receding Gums

When your gums recede (pull back away from your teeth). It leads to “pockets” or gaps where bacteria can build up easily and make the problem even worse. Tooth sensitivity is one of the early signs of gingival recession. Treatment may include pocket depth reduction, a procedure that folds back the gum tissue, cleans out all the bacteria then secures the gum tissue snugly around the tooth. Regeneration is where the dentist applies graft tissue or tissue stimulating protein to regenerate bone and soft tissue.

Frenectomy Procedure

Frenectomy is the removal of the frenulum, the small fold of muscular tissue found inside your cheeks and lips inside your mouth. The labial frenulum connects the inside of your upper lip to your gums between your upper front teeth. In some cases, it creates an unwanted gap between your two upper front teeth. By removing the frenulum, the gap can be eliminated.

Learn more about comprehensive dentistry at Green Dentistry. Call 415.433.0119 or use the convenient Request an Appointment form.


I have been Dr. Patel's patient for approximately 10 years, and have been extremely satisfied with her skill, knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Patel, and her friendly staff at Green Dentistry. –Anonymous

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