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Your Comfort, Safety & Results: Our Top Priorities

Green Dentistry is taking dentistry to its next frontier, and they want to build a future with you at the center. They want to ensure every patient’s comfort while building a real eco-friendly smile partnership with Dr. Patel and her team. Dr. Patel’s three main goals are:

  • Build a partnership with you based on your specific smile health needs
  • Educate and empower you to participate in your dental care plan
  • Use only safe, sterile, non-toxic, mercury-free/BPA-free, biocompatible & organic materials in your dental treatment and office environment
    • Dr. Patel’s motto is healthy teeth and gums for life. Keeping your own teeth can add an extra 10 years to your life. Being able to chew properly and maintain healthy gums actually helps you live longer. Gum disease, on the other hand, is related to life-threatening conditions; heart disease, decreased immunity and diabetes.

      How green is Green Dentistry?

      Dr. Patel’s focus at Green Dentistry is to use safe, organic products to help keep your healthy gums and teeth as long as possible. Unlike most other dentists, Dr. Patel has carefully researched all the materials used in her office, from the construction materials right down to the office furniture and equipment.

      She performs mercury-filling removal using the IAOMT protocol. This protocol ensures that patients and staff are safe from toxic fumes during mercury removal. She even filters the office air to ensure complete removal of fumes. It’s surgical hospital-grade sterilization, unlike most dental offices. It’s also a soothing, spa-like environment complete with feng shui, aromatherapy, warm and cold neck wraps, essential oils, crystal healing and stereo headphones to help you relax and eliminate your stress.

      What about sustainability?

      Dr. Patel believes in sustainability at every level – from building partnerships and long-term relationships with patients to preventing decay and lost teeth with early diagnosis and proper treatment.

      Your comfort really matters at Green Dentistry. In addition to sedation dentistry to eliminate your fear or anxiety over dental care, Dr. Patel uses gentle lasers for soft-tissue and hard tissue procedures that used to require scalpels and other surgical instruments.

      Say goodbye to all that grinding down of your teeth, which a typical dentist does in order to apply crowns, bridges and veneers. Dr. Patel uses her skill and the most advanced treatment techniques to help preserve your natural tooth structure in every way possible. It’s about making sure you have a comfortable experience every time you visit and achieving great results.

      Discover what safe, comfortable, results-oriented dentistry is all about. Call Green Dentistry at 415.433.0119 or use the convenient Request an Appointment form.


I have been Dr. Patel's patient for approximately 10 years, and have been extremely satisfied with her skill, knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Patel, and her friendly staff at Green Dentistry. –Anonymous

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